From my love for design and art, my passion for creating audiovisual content evolved. I have learned to tell stories through stop motion and animation. To make these projects a reality I rely on teamwork, technology and intuition.

EL SAPO CALABAZO \The pumpkin Toad
Cutout Bogota 2018
Short animation Based on the story "El Sapo Protector de la Calabaza" from the popular Arhuaca tradition Originally narrated by Juana, Maria and Ana Torres, Sierra Nevada -Colombia.
Exhibited in more than 15 festivals around the world, including:

-Mi primer festival - España 2018
- Cine en la Isla - Colombia 2019
- FICCI 59 - Colombia 2019
- FICTU 2018 -Colombia
The pumpkin Toad (The protector of the pumpkin) lives somewhere in the Colombian Sierra Nevada, in the middle of a pumpkin patch, jumping and living life. 
One day, he hears a bird party high up in a tree; the toad tries to get there at all costs to enjoy the party that will change the course of his life. From mundane to wise, the dungeon toad undergoes a transformation so great that it managed to achieve the immortality of its steps.
My role:
Script and direction
Graphic Design
Production: Tatiana Barragan 
 Animation: Manuela Osejo, Yolanda Duarte, Carolina Latorre, María Victoria Olaya, Tatiana Barragán.
Art Direction: Carolina Latorre 
Edition: Manuela Osejo

Palomino Colombia | Stopmotion 

Pablo tells us the story of the lying fox, a short story of his authorship fed by the tradition of his ancestral culture, oral inheritance of his elders, which is transmitted during daily chores or the cold nights of the Sierra Nevada in Colombia.
My role:
Direction & Production  
Narrated by: Pablo Torres Izquierdo belonging to the community Arhuaca, resguardo Seywiaka Palomino. 
Art concept and Animation: Estudents of the Institution Etnoeducativa Dumingueka Seywiaka - Colombia.

Stopmotion | Bogota 2016
Pilot for the web show I DARE 

​​​​​​​Director: Sara Nieves 
Art Direction: Yolanda Duarte
Animation: Sara Nieves, Yolanda Duarte
Camera: Camilo Parra

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